About Me


Hasrizal holds a Bachelor of Sharia & Islamic Studies (Honours) from Mu’tah University, Jordan. Previously Hasrizal attended Sekolah Izzuddin Shah in Ipoh 88-92. Building on his experience as Minister of Religion in Belfast Islamic Centre Northern Ireland under the sponsorship from The al-Maktoom Foundation, UAE, and several Islamic centres in the Republic of Ireland, as well as Assistant Director at Fitrah Perkasa, a training and consultancy firm in Malaysia, Hasrizal became the first Visiting Counselor and Muslim Chaplain at Malaysia’s National Heart Institute (IJN) in 2007. He then established Synergy Training & Consulting (formerly known as Saifulislam Training & Consultancy), in 2008. Hasrizal is also the appointed trainer and member of the advisory board for the AKADEMI SINERGI.

Hasrizal is currently the academic director at Khalifah Model School (Secondary), an integrated private Islamic school owned by Khalifah Education Foundation. He is on study leave, pursuing master degree (education) in Learning, Education and Technology (LET), at the University of Oulu, Finland.