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Personalised Learning Begins at Home


“What do you think about your future? Frankly, I never seen someone at your age, can draw as beautiful and as detailed as what you do” I told my daughter.

Her academic is not yet, as good as her brother. But her talent, skills and hard work on drawing are great. And she is good at it. I want my daughter to know that I sincerely admire her ability and I don’t want her academic subjects overshadow her speciality.

“I want to become an artist. A painter!” she replied.

“That is good. I have an opinion. In our country, there are not many people who can sustain their life being artists selling paintings. They are great and world class artists but our society are still not in love with arts as we want. We need to educate them, so they will pay good money for high class masterpiece. You can use your skills in many ways. Even digital” I tried to broaden her perspective.

“I want to open a school camp teaching children painting!” she said.

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Introducing Muhammad PBUH to Primary School Kids

I remember many years ago, I was invited to give a talk on our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH to Khalifah Model School’s kids. I wasn’t part of the school’s team back then. An outsider, and most of the kids do not know me. My concern was, I like talking. I can talk on and on for long hours. But that would not serve the purpose of the session. It was part of the school’s celebration to commemorate the mawlid of our beloved Prophet sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam .

I need to strategise a way to make the content relevant to the 7-12 years old primary school children. I decided to create a small game.

The Opposite Game

45 minutes session combining a short speech and an interactive game introducing Prophet Muhammad PBUH to young kids.

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JMS: First Class Islamic Education in Singapore


Today, I am with the team from Khalifah Model School (Secondary) and Khalifah Education Foundation visited MUIS, al-Mawaddah Mosque and PERGAS HQ in Singapore. The last time I discussed about Islamic Education in Singapore with friends, was around year 2007 or 2008 when Madrasahs in Singapore were in dilemma after the government imposed compulsory education back then. I was very worried listening to the stories and at that time I thought, Singapore must do something since the paradigm of Islamic Education at that time looked poor. The disintegration between Diniyyah and Academic curriculum and Madrasahs against public schools was not encouraging. Later on, I was not sure where can I get the latest information and progress regarding Islamic education in Singapore.

But today, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss about the latest progress on Islamic education with MUIS, and we were introduced to the Joint Madrasah System (JMS) and I was overwhelmed listening to the presentation. Not only the integration between the Diniyyah curriculum with the academic has produced many internationally recognised qualifications such as GCSE Cambridge and IB but the Islamic education has also embrace the 21st century education with more learner centered, with high level of progressivism and even learning Islam has become fun, dynamic and exciting.

Now, our Singaporean brothers and sisters can pursue their tertiary education in Islamic Studies in countries like Egypt, Jordan and similar destinations directly from Madrasah, without the need to take a diploma in Malaysia like many did several years ago.

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