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Teach Less, Learn More!


Algebra was already taught in Primary School. Proverbs were already part of Malay Language syllabus when our children were only 8 years old; age when abstract thinking was still distance away from the proper cognitive to understand metaphore. Mubtada’ and khabar which the teachers used to learn when they were in Secondary School, are now already introduced in Primary School. And yet our students still don’t speak Arabic, as many wish.

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ITEP Week #10: Islamic Education vs Muslim Education


This week, we are required to read Farid Panjwani’s  “The” Islamic” in Islamic Education: Assessing the Discourse.”Current Issues in Comparative Education 7, no. 1 (2004): 19-29.  The article is available at

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.

Brothers, sisters and teachers,

I believe that Farid Panjwani in his article title ‘The ‘Islamic’ in Islamic Education: Assessing the Discourse’ raised a very important issue which is not limited only to education, but to the whole discussion about Islam.

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Welcoming Speech at Khalifah Model School (Secondary) Speech Day 2014

bod kmss

Thank you MCs, firstly allow me to express my appreciation to all committee members and volunteers among teachers, staffs and students of KMSS. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Norhani Mohidin, for your kindness to be with us in this meaningful day. All family members of Khalifah School, primary and secondary, parents, guests, and especially our beloved students, sons and daughters, the Khalifah of Allah.

Alhamdulillah, this is our second time to organize our Speech Day; to conclude our second year we operate KMSS. Each year, we celebrate achievement, progress, transformation, and all forms of goodness. KMSS is not just another Islamic school, not just another school. It is the school, the school we believe as how a school should be, the school that upholds the true meaning of education, all sense of tarbiyyah, ta’lim, tadris, tilawah, tazkiyah and most importantly, the ta’dib.

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ITEP Week #9: Al-Jahiz and His Idea on Education


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This week, I am required to read Sebastian Günther’s article: “Be masters in that you teach and continue to learn: Medieval Muslim thinkers on educational theory.” Comparative Education Review 50, no. 3 (2006): 367-388. The reading will emphasize specifically on al-Jahiz’s view on education. Other colleagues read ideas of Ibn Sahnun, al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, al-Ghazali and some other ‘medieval’ Muslim educationists.

Here is the report on my reading:

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The Knowledge of the Preacher

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters,


As many of us realize, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradhawi is a very prolific scholar. He writes so many books cover wide range of topics. There is one book which was originally a paperwork he presented in a conference back in 1970’s, I found unique but somehow forgotten and neglected by many. The book is Tsaqafah al-Da’iyah. Perhaps the title can be translated as “The Knowledge of a Preacher“.

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Pengajar Yang Belajar


Di dalam Halaqah Guru ketujuh yang ringkas pagi ini, saya kongsikan dengan rakan-rakan guru di #KMSS tentang pentingnya kita membaca tentang bidang masing-masing lebih daripada sekadar aplikasi hariannya.

Seorang jurutera akan lebih menghayati bidangnya jika dia mengetahui tentang falsafah dan sejarah bidangnya, perbahasan ilmuan terdahulu dalam bidang berkenaan, bagaimana terbentuknya teori-teori yang dipakai hari ini… Semua itu menjadikan dirinya lebih berbangga, bersyukur, serta mempunyai kebolehan kreatif dan inovatif bagi menghasilkan buah tangan lebih daripada sekadar KPI majikannya.

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